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What Can Managed Service Providers Do For Nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations have several operations that can be improved significantly with the use of software. Generally, most nonprofits don’t have a dedicated IT team, so there are one or more people who handle the technical aspects of the nonprofit. A solution for this is to work with a managed service provider (MSP). MSPs allow nonprofits to leverage IT teams without having to pay for the costs that internal IT teams would require. Some of the benefits of working with MSPs include:

Data Security: Nonprofits are some of the biggest targets for hackers globally due to the amount of confidential data. Hackers are aware that nonprofit institutions like hospitals and charities are some of the biggest recipients of donor capital. They hope to gain vital information that can be used to generate ransomware and phishing attacks. A cyber-attack can reveal sensitive donor information in addition to your organization’s data. This can lead directly to scams and theft to both your donors and nonprofit. A single successful cyber-attack can undermine all of your nonprofit’s efforts and close your doors permanently. Having a competent managed service provider can mitigate any risks and ensure your nonprofit stays proactive and vigilant about any threats.

Fundraising: When thinking of ways to fundraise more capital for your non profit, working with a managed service provider isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. A great managed service provider can help outline the goals and metrics needed for your fundraising campaigns in addition to utilizing various technologies to propel your efforts. For example, most nonprofits are unaware that 45% of global donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program; this knowledge coupled with a competent managed service provider can result in a tailored, monthly giving program for your nonprofit. This new revenue stream can result in your nonprofit changing how it is funded completely. Instead of relying on big fundraising campaigns every so often, your nonprofit can be fully funded by a collection of monthly donors that are invested in your mission.

Donor Management: Donor management is one of the most vital aspects of running any nonprofit. Donors love to see how their dollars are utilized and the impact it is making in your nonprofit. When you work with a managed service provider, you can utilize software to power all aspects of donor management. From email marketing to announcing events, you can use donor management software to ensure your donor base is engaged and informed about your nonprofit’s efforts. By increasing the engagement of your donors, you can ensure you have their continued pledge and support; this directly improves the amount of donors and their spending on your nonprofit.

Other aspects that MSPs can help with nonprofits include:

  • Data breaches
  • Data privacy
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Cloud services
  • Paying too much for software

If you’d like to learn more about how managed service providers can help your nonprofit, talk to an expert here today.

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Last Updated: On March 09, 2020