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Managed Service Provider in NYC


What is A Managed Service Provider?

 A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a 3rd party company that manages certain services daily to improve a business’ operation. MSPs are used by both large corporations and small/medium sized businesses to delegate certain aspects of their operations. Many MSPs are IT companies that handle technical and software-oriented aspects for a company, usually on a subscription-based model. They operate remotely from the site of the business and are sometimes referred to as a “cloud based provider”. MSPs serve as a contracted, external IT team that helps with all your technical and support needs.


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Managed Service Provider? What Does This Mean for My Business?

Technology helps manage business. But it’s often difficult and expensive for a business to effectively manage its technology. The cumulative costs, increased resources, and high staffing levels required to keep hardware, software, and networks up to date and running flawlessly become a challenge for companies of all sizes. For many of them, the answer is to engage the services of a first-quality Managed Services Provider.


What Are the Benefits to You?

  • 24/7/365 network monitoring and emergency support ensure 99.99% up time.

  • Single point of contact for supplies, management, and problem resolution simplifies ordering and pinpoints responsibility

  • Ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance ensure that every part of your infrastructure is working and up to date

  • Frequent performance reports keep you in control of your infrastructure

  • Ironclad SLAs hold your MSP’s feet to the fire

  • Flat-fee, fixed-price contracts ensure predictable OPEX and lowest Total Cost of Ownership across your systems

  • Certified engineers and technicians provide the consistent expertise you need

  • Dedicated account managers ensure you always communicate with someone who knows you and your IT


What Do Managed Service Providers Do?

Here’s just a partial list of services you should expect from an MSP:

  • Asset management

  • Configuration management

  • Host IP-PBX and applications

  • Business continuity

  • Malicious attacks and intrusion prevention

  • Uninterrupted remote access

  • Managed server service

  • Managed voice access, including security, PBX, VOIP, and more

  • Managed VPN/IP-VPN

  • Managed wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • Network monitoring and management

  • Secure messaging and email

  • Round-the-clock monitoring

  • Incident resolution


How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

 Who's responsible? Why hasn't this been done? Is anyone held accountable? 

These questions constantly get raised when discussing IT providers and consultants.  The most frustrating part is when you receive a reply from a vendor expressing how they "do not know", "it was not part of the scope", or my personal favorite, "I thought someone else was handling that".  

Having clear responsibilities when it comes to choosing an MSP is a great asset.  Rather than unanswered questions, knowing what your MSP can handle, and having them resolve the matter at hand, relieves much of the stress circulating around technology.  IT has a big impact on your business, whether you are in the financial services industry or just starting a small business.  Navigate the scary waters of technology with confidence while letting your IT consultants handle the workload of paddling in synchronicity.  

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How To Choose A Managed Service Provider


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