Disaster Recovery
Services For NYC

Natural and man-made disasters

can strike at any time

Ensure business continuity when everything else fails

A Disaster Recovery Plan That Suits Your Needs

To ensure your data is safe when a disaster strikes, back it up with secure hosting at our FDI location in VA

Whether you choose private or public
cloud systems, you can securely store
your data and ensure daily backups

If your primary server fails, we offer
cold, warm and hot standby servers to
help you restore your latest transactions

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“25 Trillion gallons of water were dumped on businesses by hurricane Harvey”

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Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

“45% of small businesses had asset losses up to $25,000 due to natural disasters”

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“$5,600 per minute is the average cost of an IT network downtime”

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E Source

“$27 billion per year is the cost of power outages for US businesses across industries”

We’ve got your back

Recover Quickly & Safely With Our Team

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Be Prepared

We use regular testing and 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems to spot any irregularity the second it happens

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Prioritize Services

Define which services require a prioritized response, so we can help you act quickly and resolve worrying issues immediately

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Plan In Advance

Outline the sequence of events in various disaster scenarios to help you quickly break out of the state of emergency

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Get Back To Business

Rely on a plan to ensure a smooth recovery and quickly restore everything from internal operations to external communications


Custom Disaster
Recovery Solutions

We will help you identify your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point
Objective (RPO)
to formulate a customized, cost-effective disaster recovery plan.

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