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IT Consulting For Non-Profits



As a non-profit, staying within budget is serious.

And keeping your donor data safe and secure is serious, too. 

You may think top-notch IT services are too costly for your organization.  

Fairdinkum will change your mind.

We’ve been serving the needs of non-profits for over 15 years, so we understand your needs and challenges.

How we will help your non-profit:

•    Non-profit pricing on software purchases

•    Quarterly business meetings to keep you on track

•    Pre-planning for upgrades and replacements

What we prevent:

•    Data breaches

•    IT disasters

•    Downtime due to tech issues

•    Paying too much for software 

If you’re ready to eliminate worry, stress, and frustration around your IT infrastructure, Fairdinkum is the perfect fit for you.

Our tech-based management and top-level engineers are the very best in New York City. We specialize in serving the non-profit sector, and as our client, you can count on consistent interactions, quick resolutions, and a dedicated team who understands the intricacies of your business. 

Turn to us for:

•   IT Consulting – we are experts in all  non-profit software

•   Cloud Hosting – let’s get servers out of your office

•   Data Security – no more need to worry about stolen data

•  Vendor Management – your liaison with vendors for everything IT

Choose Fairdinkum and together, we’ll make tech make you more profitable.


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