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What Can Managed Service Providers Do For Real Estate Firms?

For real estate businesses, tasks like lead generation, tenant management and communications take up the majority of property managers’ time. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) can help automate many of these processes and leverage real estate businesses to work on only high-priority items and activities. Some of the benefits of using managed service providers include:


Tenant Management:


Partnering with a managed service provider can help ease the redundant administrative tasks that are needed to manage tenants on a regular basis. A managed service provider helps real estate companies leverage technologies to streamline and automate the repetitive work needed to keep the lights on. Many of the day to day activities for property managers include compiling and filing paperwork for tenants. When you work with a managed service provider, paperwork like lease agreements can be digitized and stored safely on the cloud; this allows you to access any document for any property at any time. This added technology in the workflow of property managers allows documents to be organized and stored indefinitely while reducing the amount of paperwork.


Marketing Output and Expansion:


Many real estate businesses spend the majority of their day addressing menial tasks instead of working on high return activities that can expand their business. One of the main tasks that a managed service provider can help with real estate businesses is marketing. Many real estate businesses rely on word of mouth or referral marketing as the main ways they generate business and fill their vacancies. When a real estate business uses a managed service provider to grow their marketing, new avenues like social media marketing and different types of paid advertising can be used to reach the widest possible audience. This helps fill the sales pipeline for property managers and ensures all vacancies are filled with the best possible tenants.


Improving Communication:


Managed service providers can also help streamline your communication efforts like lease agreements, setting up meetings and organizing community events for tenants. This can be done by examining how much work a property manager can get done in a given week and comparing that to when they use technologies that can leverage their work. A managed service provider can reduce all of the wasted communication and efforts and maximize high-priority communications. For example, managed service providers can help set up chabots for your real estate business. This helps communication efforts tremendously because chatbots serve as insights as to what your customer is looking for when they come to your site. The chatbots can act as lead generation tools because they ask customers for basic information like their name, phone number and reason for visiting your site. This helps your communication efforts exponentially because you can arrange meetings with the best possible leads that can help close sales.


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Last Updated: On March 22, 2020