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Case Study: Disaster Recovery Plan Implemented During Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused the most damage of any hurricane since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The damages totaled over $62 billion and many businesses suffered greatly due to the tragedy. One specific victim was a nonprofit client of Fairdinkum; the client had no power, no disaster recovery plans and their offsite mozy backups were failing. With almost their entire physical and virtual infrastructure in ruins, the client needed immediate help to save their data and business as a whole.

Case Study- Disaster Recovery Plan Implemented During Superstorm Sandy

Fairdinkum sent 4 staff members to the client’s physical location to implement a swift disaster recovery plan to save as much of the client’s infrastructure as possible. The 4 staff members raced through 18 flights of stairs to bring the client’s equipment to Fairdinkum’s office. Next, Fairdinkum spun up the client’s servers and additionally setup DR servers for their equipment. With this effort, the servers were back up and running and the client’s infrastructure was reconnected, and their data was saved. Without the swift action taken by Fairdinkum, the client would likely be able to save partial data at best. This would have led to brand damage, loss of customers and reimbursing clients for any damages.


Why is this scenario relevant to your business?


This case study is very relevant to your business because it exhibits what a potential onsite disaster can look like and the damage that ensues afterwards. Service providers that say they offer offsite data backup usually will not go the extra mile for clients that have a catastrophe of this magnitude. Events like hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages and other disasters won’t take into account if you’ve backed up your data recently, so making sure your provider is actually backing up and saving your data is crucial.


This scenario illustrates what can happen when you’re down to your last line of defense. The client had local and onsite backup, but the superstorm caused significant damage to both. Offsite backup providers may have saved some of your data, but the majority of them simply won’t send employees to your physical location to save as much of your infrastructure as possible.



What comes with Fairdinkum’s disaster recovery plan?


When you choose Fairdinkum as your disaster recovery and offsite backup provider, your business will have:

  • Protection against site disasters: this protection includes any physical or virtual site disasters like power outages, equipment damage and more
  • Complete offsite backup and storage: this is your business’ continuity plan. With Fairdinkum’s offsite storage, your business will have all the data it has today as soon as you’re reconnected to the internet
  • Secure hosting at Fairdinkum’s FDI location in Virginia
  • Periodic testing and 24/7 monitoring


If you’d like to learn more about Fairdinkum’s offsite backup capabilities and what it can do for your business, talk to us today for a consultation.

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Last Updated: On December 05, 2019