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What Nonprofits Need To Know About Cyber Security

Risks from Mobile Devices. Cloud Solutions. Data Backup & Disaster Recovery. Mobile Device Management.

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5 Things Financial Firms Need To Know About Cyber Security

Employees Working Remotely. Employee Owned Devices. The Cost of Not Protecting Customer Data. The Human Element.

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What Law Firms Need To Know About Cyber Security

GDPR and US Law Firms. How Malicious Software Impacts Law Firms. Risks to Law Firms Form Mobile Devices. How to Identify a Phishing Email.

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NIST Cyber Security Checklist For Financial Firms

  • The hardware & software you must have 
  • All about password policies 
  • Where to go for SEC regulation updates
  •  How to apply these SEC regulations  in your day to day operations

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Nonprofit Guidelines for Cybersecurity and Privacy

This paper is designed to help nonprofits begin to tackle these challenges and to help them develop into digitally resilient organizations.

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3 Reasons Hybrid Clouds Make The Most Sense For Law Firms

You will learn how to:

  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Services
  • Manage a Mobile Workforce

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The Risk of Integrating New Technology to Financial Firms

With emerging technologies arising every day, firms in all sectors are rushing to implement technology in hopes of improving their business operations. While new technology is often exciting, it is important for financial firms to take several things into consideration when integrating tech into their business.

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How To Choose A Managed Service Provider

Download this eBook to give yourself the peace of mind when making decisions about choosing your managed service provider. 

You will learn:

  • Why you need an MSP
  • What questions to ask
  • The services an MSP should cover

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Cyber Security Audit Checklist for Nonprofits

 Download our free Cyber Security Audit Checklist now to root out and remove weak spots in your cybersecurity, and protect yourself from malware attacks with our 4 Ways To Stop Ransomware guide.

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What Nonprofits Really Need To Know About Moving To Microsoft 365

Most organizations that choose to move to the cloud do so because they have decided they need it for business agility and want the cost savings that come with it.

How can you know whether or not you’re getting it all?

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Case Study: Bringing A Law Firm Into Cloud Computing 


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Case Study: Disaster Recovery Plan Implemented During Superstorm Sandy


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