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Integrating Property Management Software

Maintaining a property portfolio can be a huge hassle without the right management software. Although cash flow and keeping the lights on are generally the most pressing problems for managers, having a system to properly manage the other aspects of properties can make or break your business. Using software can reduce overhead significantly while allowing you to automate the little, time-consuming activities that managers should generally outsource. Commercial property management software can include services like integrated accounting, property tracking, budget and forecasting, maintenance tracking and more.


Why use software to manage your property?

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Increased security: old methods like having many files to document everything can be extremely stressful when managing your property. By using software to manage your property, all of your data is saved on the cloud; this means if anything were to happen to the physical location of your office, you would still maintain all the data.

Scalability: for many property owners, as their business grows, cost seem to grow proportionately with overhead. When you use a property management software, if your business doubles tomorrow, your costs would not. Property management software doesn’t require complex contracts and has a subscription payment plan. When you scale your business, property management software will retain your previous data and allow you to add new data for new business.


Increased accessibility: property managers are often busy taking meetings with potential tenants, looking for new opportunities and other aspects of running their business. By using software to manage your properties, you are able to look at how your properties are doing anytime. Property management software often include a dashboard where you can look at the important aspects of your business at a glance like cash flow, inventory, etc. With this increased accessibility to your properties’ data, you can focus on expanding your business instead of just maintaining daily operations.

Improve customer service: Happier tenants often leads to happier property managers. Property managers can utilize software to automate repetitive tasks that are generally required to improve tenant relationships like ensuring maintenance is going well and making rent payments easier. By improving little things like this for your tenant, you reduce tenant churn in your properties and ensure there’s minimal vacancies. Just by improving tenant relations, your marketing expenses will reduce due to referrals.

What if you’re already using an existing CRM?

 If you’re already using a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, transitioning to Fairdinkum is an easy, seamless process. Our expert staff can help you transition your data onto Fairdinkum. Regardless of your company’s size, Fairdinkum will provide a dedicated IT team to ensure your operating costs stay at a minimum and improve your support/help desk for your properties. Talk to one of our experts today for a free consultation on any aspects of your business.

Last Updated: On October 09, 2019