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Cyber Security Error at a New York airport


A major security error left Stewart International Airport, and 760GB worth of data, unprotected for almost a year.  aircraft-513641__340.jpg

According to engadget, the server backup drives were misconfigured in April of 2016 and were left without password protection until this week. The unprotected data included “social security numbers, internal airport schematics and emails.” The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey contracted out the cyber security services of Stewart International to a private firm, AvPORTS, which put one person in charge of all the IT security for the airport. This is a great example of the importance of team based IT Consulting. One person cannot and should not be solely responsible for all the IT needs of any business. 

Cyber security issues such as this one serve as a powerful reminder of how vital regular maintenance and testing are to your business. 


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Last Updated: On March 02, 2017