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World Class Poker Pros: No Match for Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Lauren Hanlon on Feb 14, 2017 8:30:00 AM


poker chips

An AI named Libratus just beat four world class poker players by more than 1.7 million virtual  dollars. At a tournament called Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence in Pittsburg, participants  played 120,000 hands of no-limit hold ‘em over the course of 20 days. Professor Tuomas Sandholm and his PhD Student Noam Brown of Carnegie Mellon  built Libratus who “uses algorithms to analyze the rules of poker and set its own strategy”.

Libratus will continuously reevaluate its strategy during the competition and learn to identify key strengths and weaknesses of itself that are being exploited to better improve its game.  What is most impressive is that Libratus’s ability to think is not limited to poker. Its reasoning can be applied to a number of “information-imperfect situation”,  in which the parties involved are not privy to all the same information explains Chris Velazco of engadget.com.  

 The program at Carnegie Mellon is at the forefront of artifical intellegence research and libratus's victory is a huge win for the program. 

You can learn  more about the Brains vs Artifical Intelligence completion  here

Velazco’s full article can be found here 


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