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Does Your Business  Have A Plan For The Top 3 IT Issues ?

Posted by Keith Shaffer on Jun 16, 2019 9:26:57 AM

Data breaches, hacks and compromised security for companies of all sizes have been news headlines for 2019. It seems like every other week another company’s data has been stolen or being compromised causing businesses to lose millions of dollars. Attacks on your company’s data can be prevented by having an IT plan and securing and backing up your data.

 Does Your Business Must Have A Plan For The Top 3 IT Issues _Fairdinkum IT Consulting

No Data Back-up


140,000 hard drives fail in the U.S. every week. Small businesses in particular cannot afford to lose data, but the majority of them are ill-prepared for data loss.

Data backup for businesses is one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining and protecting your data. Routinely backing up data is a proactive method to secure your company’s data in case of any emergency. Data loss can have significant impact on the health of a company; 93% of all companies that lost their data center for 10 or more days filed for bankruptcy within one year!


Even if you have your data backed up, having a plan B like offsite data backup can be crucial when an emergency arises. This allows your company’s data to be saved in a different location in case a physical disaster happened where your company is located; Fairdinkum offers offsite backup and storage.


Data Security:

Data security is one of the most crucial IT issues for companies. In addition to having backed-up data, your company’s data has to be secure. All companies regardless of size are susceptible to cyber attacks, but companies with little to no data security are often the easiest targets; 43% of the attacks are targeted towards small businesses. There are several steps businesses, especially small businesses, can take to improve their data security.

 43 Of Cyber Attacks Are Targeted Towards Small Business.

Training employees in basic cybersecurity is a crucial task for businesses. Having competent staff that can detect phishing and know the importance of strong passwords will reduce the chance of a cyberattack. Another step to improve data security is to secure the wifi network for your business; having a secure, hidden and encrypted network for your business will greatly improve security.


Having No IT Security Plan

Having no IT plan is by far the most dangerous IT plan. A lot of times businesses might feel overwhelmed with operations and choose to neglect IT issues until they’re too big. Setting up a basic IT plan is budget-friendly and often easier than businesses assume. An IT plan is designed to secure and protect your company’s data; it will include basic things like backing up data and securing networks and passwords. A sample IT security plan can include:

  • Procedure for disposing confidential and sensitive material
  • Training employees on cybersecurity
  • Documenting security procedures
  • Regularly checking on backup data capabilities


Businesses vary on what their IT plan requires, but that covers some basic aspects. 

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