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Why Hiring a vCIO May Be Right for You

Posted by Gabrielle D'Andrea on Jul 17, 2018 10:20:25 AM

Don’t have an onsite IT person? No problem!

Chances are, if a company is small enough, having a CIO is something out of the payroll budget, but what if that service were virtual? Say hello to the vCIO, an offsite IT operator, who helps in making all the same decisions a CIO makes, but without the expense of a full time employee on the payroll.

If you’re thinking of hiring a vCIO for your company, but aren’t totally sure, take some things into consideration.

1. What is your budget?

Having a virtual CIO is no less effective than having an onsite IT operator. Making sure your IT is secure takes a lot more than just a person familiar with technology. A vCIO will align your business strategy with IT in order to create a successful long-term goal for your company and clients. Your vCIO has the same responsibilities as any onsite person, so there will be no shortcomings when it comes to doing their job.

2. How will a vCIO help your company?

A vCIO will help make recommendations to improve your company, because your decisions regarding IT matter. Their decisions for your company are important for keeping your company’s network running smoothly. If you are willing to work with someone virtually, this is the move for you! Not to mention, your vCIO is not working alone – this virtual aid comes with the benefit of a team of IT experts who will be working under the direction of your point of contact. Odds are your onsite CIO does not have a team to work with, thus the resources are limited.

3. Are your company’s goals aligned with your IT?

If the answer was no, then think about what your company’s goals are. Are you upholding your company values if your lack of IT management is putting your clients at risk? Aligning the two is vital, and you, along with your vCIO can create a successful plan for doing so.


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