Fairdinkum met our immediate need of helping plan, design, and install our network prior to moving to a new office. Long-term Fairdinkum has become an integral partner for proactive maintenance and problem solving for all things IT. The team does a great job of keeping us informed of new technologies and risks. Even though our office is in New Jersey, Fairdinkum is always great about getting an engineer onsite whenever we need it.
-Calvin Holland
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Manager
Alliance Telecommunications
We have been working with Fairdinkum since April 2009, they are an extraordinary group of professionals that has helped us build and maintain our infrastructure with an excellence in customer service and quick response. I have no words to express my gratitude to the team, they made a difference to the company I work for and also in my personal life.
-Daniel Leite
IT Manager
Cory Companies
Since 2006, Fairdinkum Consulting has been providing IT on-site & infrastructure support for TRITECH Communications, Inc. The team Fairdinkum has provided is comprised of highly skilled IT professionals with user satisfaction as the top priority. The services that the Fairdinkum team has provided range from desktop/laptop/mobile support to virtualized servers administration and maintenance; from specific commercial applications support to SQL database and network management. I've not had as positive an experience with any IT Support Providers over the past 20 years. TRITECH is extremely satisfied with the services Fairdinkum provides and are looking forward to their continued support in the future as we continually expand our corporation.
-Fred Negro
Internal IT Manager
TRITECH Communications, Inc.
We have been using Fairdinkum Consulting since the inception of our organization over seven years ago. They helped us build a strong IT foundation for our organization upon which we were able to grow and flourish, and throughout the years they have been more than just an IT consulting firm; they have been a member of our corporate family. They have helped nurture and guide us through many challenges — from how to grow our infrastructure to support the growing business, to how to modernize and streamline our processes, to how to recover from disasters incurred due to storms, power outages, and other unfortunate circumstances. Each and every time they proved that they know what they are doing, and they made our IT systems stronger (more capable, more efficient, more robust).

Every one of the people that I have had the pleasure to work with at Fairdinkum has been expert, friendly, courteous, patient, and cooperative. They take the time and care with our systems as if they were their own. The services they provide are exemplary. They have suggested and implemented several systems/processes to improve our infrastructure that have yielded superb results, and they have politely and expertly steered us away from possible disasters by recommending that we do not implement certain projects. They have learned the ins and outs of how we do business, and they keep that in mind when it comes to making recommendations about our systems. This seems like such an obvious approach, but I have found that many other consulting firms will simply push what they know and avoid that which they don't. Fairdinkum recommends what is right for OUR organization... not what puts money into their bank account, and that to me puts them head and shoulders above the others.

I have not only found a great firm to help support my IT needs, but have found many people that I am proud to call 'friend' over at Fairdinkum. I am very comfortable with Fairdinkum Consulting, and trust them with our systems, and highly recommend them to anyone searching for IT help.
-Nick Lanese
Director of Information Technology
Pro Publica, Inc.