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What Can Managed Service Providers Do for Law Firms?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Mar 4, 2020 6:38:23 AM

The average law firm in the U.S. employs less than 10 people. This generally means that each individual in the firm is very active and do not have the time to manage computer networks or update computer workstations. . The average law firm does not have the resources to hire an IT team, but is still plagued with the same obstacles other competitors have on a daily basis. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) can be the most cost-effective solution for handling IT challenges within the firm.

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What Is A Managed Service Provider?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Nov 7, 2019 3:27:50 PM

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4 Ways Your MSP Enhances Your Move to the Cloud

Posted by Keith Shaffer May 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As more organizations make the move to the cloud, they are questioning the role their managed services provider (MSP) plays within their overall IT strategy. Far from reducing their dependence on managed services, however, smart organizations are realizing that careful leveraging of an MSP is critical to their cloud success.

Once seen strictly as a way to reduce infrastructure costs or offload mundane IT tasks, today’s MSPs have morphed to become true business partners, especially for organizations making the leap to the cloud. Research from CompTIA finds that just 30% of MSP users cite cost savings as a primary driver, down from 57% just one year prior. Instead, organizations expect far more from their MSPs, moving beyond simple endpoint or server management to higher level information/data management. They increasingly want their MSPs to manage disparate on-premise, cloud, social, and network services, and more just over half (52%) say they have worked with an MSP on their most recent cloud initiatives.


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Managed Service Provider? What Does This Mean for My Business?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Feb 6, 2017 1:58:01 PM

Understanding Managed Service Providers

Technology helps manage business. But it’s often difficult and expensive for a business to effectively manage its technology. The cumulative costs, increased resources, and high staffing levels required to keep hardware, software, and networks up to date and running flawlessly become a challenge for companies of all sizes. For many of them, the answer is to engage the services of a first-quality Managed Services Provider.

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