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The Risk of Integrating New Technology to Financial Firms.

Posted by Keith Shaffer Jul 15, 2019 10:36:02 AM

With emerging technologies arising every day, firms in all sectors are rushing to implement technology in hopes of improving their business operations. While new technology is often exciting, it is important for financial firms to take several things into consideration when integrating tech into their business. Some factors to consider include whether the new tech will work with existing systems, and if your financial firm has the necessary resources to integrate the new technology and new security risks that come with new technology. Failure to consider factors like these can result in costly damages and wasted time and manpower.

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Topics: Network Safety, Financial, Integrating New Technology

The Impact of Covert Impairment on Financial Services Firms

Posted by Keith Shaffer May 20, 2019 7:12:25 AM

You have spent years gaining customer trust. As an Executive Director or Partner, you completely understand Customer Lifetime Value and its impact on your business bottom line. The legalization of marijuana in many states presents a new challenge in protecting your customer data and keeping their trust.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Data Breach, Data Protection, Financial