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How Can Businesses Avoid Getting Hacked?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Nov 26, 2019 7:15:00 AM

Cyberattacks have been on the rise globally, but businesses in particular are some of the prime suspects that are targeted by attackers. Small business specifically account for over 43% of targeted attacks; this statistic is staggering because small businesses on average go out of business 6 months after a cyberattack. There are several precautions businesses can take to reduce the chance of a cyberattack. Here are several methods businesses can use to prevent hacking:

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Topics: Cyber Security

Should My Business Be Worried About Ransomware?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Aug 9, 2019 1:53:51 PM

71 % of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small to medium-sized U.S. businesses.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Phishing, Data Protection, Ransomware, Website

Data Security for Nonprofits in 2019

Posted by Keith Shaffer Jun 19, 2019 3:18:11 PM

Emergency Response. Childhood Education. Literacy and Health Programs.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Data Protection, Non Profit

Why Your Network Needs a Firewall AND a Security Subscription

Posted by Keith Shaffer May 21, 2019 1:02:18 PM

Security isn't an afterthought. It should be at the core of everything organizations do. Without it, they can't grow, move forward, or innovate. Too  often, without strong security, we find organizations defaulting to inaction, and not moving forward. They say no to innovation. 

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Topics: Cyber Security, Outsourced IT Support, Network Safety, Data Protection

The Impact of Covert Impairment on Financial Services Firms

Posted by Keith Shaffer May 20, 2019 7:12:25 AM

You have spent years gaining customer trust. As an Executive Director or Partner, you completely understand Customer Lifetime Value and its impact on your business bottom line. The legalization of marijuana in many states presents a new challenge in protecting your customer data and keeping their trust.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Data Breach, Data Protection, Financial