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What Nonprofits Need to Know About Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Posted by Keith Shaffer Feb 28, 2019 7:24:00 PM


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Topics: Cyber Security, Network Safety, Server Migration, Data Protection, Non Profit

Risks to Nonprofits from Mobile Devices

Posted by Keith Shaffer Feb 27, 2019 3:21:00 PM

To recruit top talent, nonprofits need to fight differently than for-profit companies. Nonprofits lack the high salaries, benefits, and perks that for-profits offer. What nonprofits can offer to attract and retain talent is a flexible work policy. 9 out of 10 workers say they would like to telecommute at least part-time.

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Do Managed Cloud Solutions Work for Nonprofits/Not-for-Profits?

Posted by Keith Shaffer Feb 15, 2019 2:11:29 PM

Cloud solutions have become the norm for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike. TechSoup found 90% of nonprofits surveyed have adopted some sort of cloud technology.

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What Law Firms Need to Know about Employees Working Remotely

Posted by Keith Shaffer Jan 27, 2019 12:12:02 PM

Whether you are a Principal or Partner, it should come as no surprise that law firms are a targeted industry when it comes to cyber attacks.

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How Law Firms Can Identify a Phishing Email

Posted by Keith Shaffer Jan 25, 2019 12:49:20 PM

Experian has released its sixth annual Data Breach Industry Forecast, which highlights six key areas where companies and individuals should be aware of possible data breaches. It also singled out lawyers as specifically being easy prey to biometric, cloud and phishing cyber attacks.

The recent news of Marriott’s data breach and other headline-grabbing events show how lawyers are counseling their clients through massive data breaches. But the cyber attacks should also remind lawyers and their firms to safeguard their own technology.

Source: Legaltech News

According to The American Bar Association 2017 Security Report

"Some attorneys and law firms may not be devoting more attention and resources to security because they mistakenly believe it won’t happen to them. The increasing threats to attorneys and law firms and the reports of security breaches should dispel this mistaken viewpoint. Significantly, 22% of respondents overall reported that their firm had experienced a data breach at some time—up from 14% last year. Reports of breaches ranged from a high for firms with 10-49 attorneys (35%, more than one-third) to a low of 10% for solos."

Before you open that very legitimate-looking email, I just want you to pause a second. If you don’t know already, phishing is a an attack via e-mail, that aims to gather your personal information. Whether it be passwords, account numbers, pins or social security numbers– you do not want that information in the wrong hands. The goal of this email is to look legitimate enough that you don’t see any concern in opening it. Over the years, people have become more savvy in spotting suspicious emails, but as we get smarter, so do hackers.


Phishing Email Cybersecurity Training Fairdinkum
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